The Horse’s Foot and Related Problems

Publisher Synopsis:

In this book Robbie Richardson maintains that most problems in the horse's foot are man-made and indeed that most horses are generally unbalanced along with a percentage of their riders. This book explains ailments in a clear and precise manner with easily recognizable diagrams and explanations, unhampered by confusing terminology. It offers an uncomplicated approach to problems, explaining in a simple format many common complaints, their prevention and cures. 74 pages, 8-1/4 x 5-1/4, 40 illustrations. Paperback

I wrote this book in 1994 based on the knowledge I had been able to acquire whilst running Greatcombe Clinic.

I felt there was a need for a book that explained laminitis, flat feet, cracked feet etc. in a clear and simple way for owner and vet.

It contains no reference to barefoot trimming or management as it was written when I was only shoeing horses.

Never-the-less I stand by what is contained in the book with reference to the SHOD horse and still have the same views regarding the examination system within my profession and the competitions that take place between farriers.

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