RockFoot Hoof Powder


Rockfoot Powder is a mineral combination


Magnesium and Calcium and nothing more.

  • Magnesium - in the form of Magnesium Oxide (light)
  • Calcium - in the form of Limestone flour
  • It is often the case that Magnesium levels are low in the equine diet.
  • This can be due to a combination of: composite foods in the prepared diet, soil and grass types, the time of year, and age of the animal.
  • Magnesium helps towards the prevention of insulin resistance, (see link page) while also helping with tissue growth, including the digital cushion, frog and periople.


Note that the foot above has retained its Periople (Skin over the foot). This feature started after the horse was put on Rockfoot hoof Powder, and as a consequence it has helped to keep the wall underneath dry and hard in our wet UK conditions.

It is always good to find out what your horse is really eating. Read all labels on the tubs, bags, sachets, pots, and buckets you use to feed your horse, see what the minerals, sugars, proteins, oils, etc are and their percentages.

Magnesium is also a good calming agent. One indication of a horse needing Magnesium can sometimes be sensitivity when touching the skin or the horse just being plain skittish.

If in doubt, talk to an Equine nutritionist before buying any additive: If you are already feeding an additive and you think it is working, DON’T CHANGE! When I observe a change in a horse’s health, for better or worse, the owner is often unable to work out why because they are feeding such a variety of feeds and supplements that it is difficult to isolate one effect from another.

Rockfoot hoof Powder came about because many of my clients did not want the hassle of working out the Calcium/Magnesium ratio, and doing the mixing.

Rockfoot comes in one kilo bags. Best to moisten the powder before feeding

Amount: 5 grams per 100 kilos of horse: start with a small amount then work-up to the suggested amount, if there is any sign of loose droppings it would signify you are feeding too much. Visit shop to purchase.