There are as many ways to trim a barefoot as there are people doing it!
(Cole Henderson’s web site has a list of different barefoot trims on it)

I have no intention of having a section on ‘how to trim your horse’ because as a professional I think it unwise to do so.

But if you already trim or wish to trim feet I will give some tips:

  • Get a good barefoot team around you.
  • Get the best tools you can afford, the more the amateur the better the tools need to be.
  • Get or make a good hoof stand.
  • Trim on a level well lit area.
  • Take pictures before and after.
  • A trim will not improve diet or conditions underfoot so get them right.
  • Examine all advice no matter how well meant.

1. The Rhino: Note the 3 Hooves all supported by a large Fibro-fatty area in the caudal area (frog). Even 2 tons of Rhino lands heel first because that’s where the shock absorber is.

Imagine that frog pushing forward and bending the bar down on the centre toe and you have the start of the horse’s foot!


2. The Zebra: Upright dorsal wall much like a donkey’s foot, very thick wall and will loose its frog if not in the right environment


Out of choice it will try and get impaction when the frog has virtually disappeared


3. The Okapi: One of the most beautiful animals in the world, for so many reasons